Arkim Kimya entered the chemicals sector by providing the plasticizer producers active in the chemicals sector with raw materials. With a decision made in 1994, the D.O.P. production was started with an annual production of 3.000 Tonnes. In accordance with increasing demands of plasticizer production, our company increased its capacity to 55.000 Tonnes per annum. Responding to the ever increasing global demand for Phthalate-free plasticizers, Arkim Kimya increased its R&D efforts in this regard. At the current state, Arkim Kimya continues to serve with a total of 6000 m2 enclosed area, with 3000 m2 dedicated to D.O.P. , 3.000 m2 dedicated to Arfleks (Phthalate-free) and D.O.A. in two separate facilities. For our company, it is a principal to serve the national economy through ever higher goals with every new investment. Founded in Eskisehir in 1948, Cak Group started its activities in the textiles sector. Cak Group is among Turkey’s esteemed enterprises, importing as well as importing with 21 companies active primarily textiles, retail, chemistry, energy, insurance brokerage services, construction and online commerce.

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